Sunday Runday: 12 miles

I’ll be honest – I don’t really have a plan going into this second half-marathon. I’m just kind of winging it. I know I’d like to bring by time down to sub 2:00, so I’ve been throwing in some interval sprints, but other than that – I don’t really know the best way to go about it.

I have three weeks between the two half-marathons. Here’s what I’m thinking of for a schedule:

Sat. 10/29 – Chicago Monster Dash Half-Marathon
Sun. 10/30 – Rest
Mon. 10/31 – 3 mi
Tues. 11/1 – Rest
Wed. 11/2 – Rest
Thur.  11/3 – Rest
Fri. 11/4 – 5 mi
Sat. 11/5 – 4.5 mi
Sun. 11/6 – 12 mi (today)

Mon. 11/7 – Rest/XTrain
Tues. 11/8 – 4 mi
Wed. 11/9 – Rest/XTrain
Thur. 11/10 – 6 mi
Fri. 11/11 –  Rest/XTrain
Sat. 11/12 – 4 mi
Sun. 11/13 – 9 mi

Mon. 11/14 – Rest/XTrain
Tues. 11/15 – 6 mi
Wed. 11/16 – Rest/XTrain
Thur.  11/17 – 5 mi
Fri. 11/18 – Rest/XTrain
Sat. 11/19 – Rest
Sun. 11/20 – RACE!

Any experts out there have any thoughts about that plan? 

I was originally just going to do 11 miles today, but I got cocky while I was running and decided to go for 12. What was I thinking? I just did the half-marathon 8 days ago, and was running in brand new running shoes. It was probably the hardest run I’ve had to date, but I finished! 1:58. Not bad, but not quite fast enough!

This is the elevation map of my run. I guess that’s what they call “ending on a high note!” Haha! But seriously, that last hill always kicks my butt! Then I always convince myself to sprint the last few blocks going home before collapsing on our lawn!

The wind was also a beast today! Running up those hills, it felt like someone was pushing me backwards! Plus it gets so loud that it feels like someone is screaming at me as well! Even with the wind acting as my personal drill instructor for the day, I still made it up those hills without pausing! At the top of the really strenuous one around the 5 mile mark there is a fire station so at least paramedics are nearby if I collapse! Google Street view doesn’t do this hill justice, but it’s a killer!

I made it home, weary but victorious. At least that’s my longest run before the Tulsa Route 66 Half-Marathon! I’ll be sure to carbo-load and rest up for that one!


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