Marathon Training

Hello Running World!

It’s me – I’m back! I started this blog a little belated into my running career. I had hoped to do some back entries that covered everything from my Couch-to-5k experience, to the last half marathon I did in Tulsa. Sadly, like a true Millennial, it got started, but the blog eventually (read: immediately) fell by the wayside.

Well – I’m back and ready to hit the ground running. Yes, I did just use a running pun on my running blog. Get ready for more of those to come!

Today marked the conclusion of week two of marathon training. I’m all signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio in May! I had initially planned to start January 1st, but tendonitis in my right foot left me off my feet for three weeks. Now I’m back and just did a nice 12 mile run today!

So hello again! I’m really going to stick with this. Hopefully I can do a post a week or so and maybe eventually do some back-posting as well!


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