New Running Gear

There is nothing more motivating then getting new running gear.

Right before I ran my first half-marathon I got a pair of Nike running tights that said ‘Just Do It’ down the side. I put those on and I might as well have been an olympian! There is something about new workout clothes or shoes that are inspiring. I was ready to have the Nike “Swoosh” tattooed on me after my first run in those tights.

Well, I just invested in a new pair of running shoes – the Mizuno Wave Riders. My local running store only had these blue and cherry blossom ones when I bought my first pair at the new year. I wanted to start my training in a new pair of shoes, so I just went with them. But I also got them in a size 10 (what I normally wear) and have had some toenail problems (yikes!) so I decided I better go half a size up.

TOTALLY. WORTH. IT. I was able to get another pair of the Wave Riders but in a different style – pink and green – which are MY colors. My little studio apartment is decorated with colorful pink and green accents, my car keychain is pink and green, those are just my colors!

My first run in them was a 13.1 training run. 1:59:27!!!! I BROKE TWO HOURS!! I’ve been trying to break the 2:00 mark on the half-marathon distance since I ran my first half-marathon back in October! I know it doesn’t “really” count because it’s not chip-timed, but I’m THRILLED! That last mile when I realized it was in my grasp I pushed it to the limit. I thought I was going to puke at the end, but I did it!

I finish my runs at an intersection and get a lot of joy by jumping up and hitting the stop sign at the end of each run. I almost knocked the sign down I hit it so hard after that run!

Next investment: quality training bras!


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