Running in Circles

Don’t you love it when you stumble up on a blog and the most recent post, which is three months old, is “sorry I haven’t posted recently” and the last post before was also three months old? Yeah, sounds like a startup blog to me!

Well – I’ve made my blog my homepage in hopes of inspiring me to post a little more frequently!

I’m half-way through my marathon training. It’s been rewarding – that first 15 mile run was euphoric to say the least. But training has also had it’s share of challenges – like staying on track and keeping motivated.

Right now I’m wondering why the hell I signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon May 6th! The height of my training will be taking place in the last few weeks of my senior year of college, right when the madness of my capstone will be hitting. I also have spring break coming up – how is a girl to fit a 9 mile and an 18 mile run in while she’s exploring Boston and Chicago with friends?!

But there’s no turning back! I’m going to make this training happen one way or another!


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