Off & Running

Sorry there haven’t been any blog posts in the last two weeks! I just started my new job as a Hotdogger driving the Wienermobile for Oscar Mayer and had two weeks of intensive training at Hotdog High. I’m talking about being up and dressed to impress by 7:30 a.m. and not getting back home (a.k.a. the hotel, my new home for the next 12 months) until at least 8:00 pm. We figured it’s easily more than 90 hours a week of training! But I’m not complaining – it’s been two of the most fun weeks I’ve had.

In those two weeks I did get the full rundown on the company social media policy and so I’m sad to say that this will continue to be more of a running and travel blog, rather than a full account of life on the road with the Wienermobile. If you do want the details on what it’s like driving a 27″ long hotdog, check out the official blog at 

With working sunup to sundown and getting to know 11 new coworkers, you might think running would be out of the question. Somehow I managed to run 60 miles over the last two weeks! Part of it might have to do with the fact that I knew I had to be hitting the pavement because they were feeding us so well. Brazillian BBQ, fish frys, dinner cruises, and some of the best burger joints in Madison. More on that in another post. I never went hungry and those carbs definitely needed an outlet.

Abe & I running around Lake Menona in March during second round interviews

I mostly just ran around the hotel area, but I did make it down to Lake Menona for a long run last week. Abe, my partner for the next six months on the job, went for a 5 mile run around the lake with me during our second round interviews in March. While he slept in this time, it was really nice to go back to that trail and see it again having landed the job! You know, sentimental nonsense.

Talk about a crazy run though. Two miles in I see some guy either passed out drunk or passed out dead half on the sidewalk, half in the street. Being in Madison I assumed the first, but figured I should probably call 9-1-1 just in case. They came a few minutes later and I took off right away, wanting to avoid ruining my run with the details. (I looked it up later and he was just drunk.) Lesson learned though: I had pepper spray and my phone with me on the run and felt totally safe. Hurray! I am responsible enough to be running outside all over the U.S.

That’s it for now. I’m 2 weeks and 60 miles into this whirlwind year. I’m writing on the plane to Santa Barbara, California where a sunset run on the beach is calling my name!


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