Sun, Sand, and Santa Barbara

Hello California!

I just landed in Santa Barbara, California this afternoon and am already having a blast! Abe and I are just going to be here one night, but we wanted to make the most of it.

So we went and checked out the beach.

Abe’s first trip to the Pacific Ocean!

Then we took the 25 cent trolley down State Street and had dinner at the Santa Barbara Brewing Company. We asked three people where to go for dinner and that was the first suggestion from all three!

I had a Hawaiian (teriyaki and pineapple) turkey burger on a lettuce wrap with asparagus. So good! Like I said in my last post, the last two weeks I’ve been eating quite well, so this was my attempt to try to be healthy while we’re still eating on the road. Looking forward to trying my hand at hotel room cooking later this week!

And then, OF COURSE, we went for a run! My first beachside run! I lived in San Diego for nine months a while ago, but I wasn’t into running at the time. All that great scenery I missed out on then, I’m finally having the chance to make up for it!

We did 4.5 miles. We were going for 5 miles, but there was so much going on that we wanted to walk the last .5 miles to take everything in.

Along the way we had a true California experience: tons of street musicians rocking out next to their vans and tons of homeless (who may have started out as said street musicians). The music was great though – I felt like I was at a Rock ‘n Roll race!

We finished the run by cooling off in the Pacific Ocean! I still can’t get over that my life is going to be like this for the next year! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Bonus pic: here’s the park across the street from our hotel! 


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