Google Maps Long Run Letdown

The motto at my job is ‘manage expectations’ and Google certainly did not do that for me this morning when I was planning my run!

I decided to do my long run (13.1 miles) along the Santa Ana River Trail. It’s not too far from our hotel in Garden Grove and I could pick it up at a nearby park.

After looking it up on Google Maps, here’s what I saw: 

Here’s what I expected:

Here’s what I actually ran next to for all 13.1 miles:

It did get a little greener toward my turnaround point, but not much. And there was certainly no water in the spillway! Although, if I had stopped to think about it, I may have predicted that ahead of time.

When I wasn’t looking at the empty waterway, I felt like I was going through a series of open houses. There were no shortage of camps set up under the bridges along the trail. But no one bothered me and the philosophy seemed to be live and let live. I did enjoy the Garth Brooks music that was emanating out of one encampment around mile 12. An unexpected surprise!

Overall, it was a pretty decent run. Still trying so hard to break a 9:00 pace for the half marathon distance! One of these days it will happen.


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