Touristy Tuesday: LA Edition

Can you believe it? I’m actually doing a Touristy Tuesday post on the right day! Hurray! The last week has been a whirlwind. It’s our first official week on the job, out on the road and so we’ve been busy adjusting to the new schedule.

Landing in California!

After the overnight stay in Santa Barbara, Abe and I headed down to LA.

Our first night in town we had to head down to Long Beach to drop off the work vehicle for an event that week. That’s when we learned our first lesson: anywhere you go in LA will take twice as long to get to as you expected and will cost twice as much.

After the pitstop at the Long Beach Expo Center, we went to the The Pike Rainbow Harbor area. Talk about some spectacular views.

Abe and I went up in the ferris wheel, which was a blast. He’s crazy afraid of heights, so I enjoyed exacerbating that fear by rocking the car as much as possible!

While we walked around I found these awesome benches, inscribed with the names of the winners of the Long Beach marathon. New goal? I think so! Haha, just kidding!

Wednesday we headed over to Anaheim to catch an Angels game. Tickets were only $10, so how could we not do it? It was around inning four though that we both realized how apathetic we are toward baseball. Don’t get me wrong, we had a total blast at the game, but mutually agreed that unless there are ample amounts of beer and brats, it’s just not for us.

On our day off we knew we had to do one thing before leaving LA – go to the beach! We packed up the company car and headed off to Huntington Beach. Talk about paradise!

Abe and I pretty much laid out in the sun for the entire afternoon. Oh yeah, and fell asleep only to awake to horrible sunburns on our backs. Yikes!! So much for that golden California tan!

The next few days we were working pretty long hours and didn’t get too much time out on the town. On our one off night in LA we grabbed a cab and went down to Main St. in Huntington Beach. Imagine – the Vegas Strip meets the California Cool at the Beach. It was packed and we bar hopped from place to place. Not a bad time although the cab fare was outrageous!

Before we left LA for our next stop, we made one last trip out to HB and had dinner on Main St – which was much different in the daytime. We ate at Fred’s, right on the Pacific Coast Highway. Packed with people and serving absolutely delicious food, it was the perfect ending to this stop in Los Angeles.

Up next: Arizona!

To answer your lingering questions: No, we didn’t go to Disneyland. No, we didn’t go to Hollywood. And no, we didn’t see any celebrities. Next time! We’ll be back soon enough!


2 thoughts on “Touristy Tuesday: LA Edition

  1. You look adorable in your bikini. Was that the Queen Mary in the background? That would be fun to see too. What an adventure you’re having!

  2. Kelly, I’m so happy you’re keeping us all up on your adventures! I love the fact that you inhale life!!! Such a success! :)

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