Where I Ran Wednesday: Prescott Valley, AZ

Went for my first Arizona run this morning and learned three things:

1. Check the weather. Hello eighty degrees at 7 a.m.
2. Check the altitude. What? Prescott, AZ is considered to be a Mile High city?? Didn’t figure that out until I was gasping for breath 10 miles later.
3. Check the map. Wrong turns suck and usually turn out to be more boring than adventurous.

I am doing my long runs for my marathon training (more on that in a post to come) mid-week because of my work schedule. Today I did a 10-miler and it was brutal.

I ran on the Iron King Trail, which really takes some iron willpower. It is HILLY and HOT. Let’s also say that the run last week on the Santa Ana River Trail was more exciting than this one. Not too much to look at other than the sun beating down on you.

This is a terrible photo, but really captures what I remember seeing for most of this run. The ground and the blinding sun! :)

I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into when I walked out the hotel doors. I literally had no idea how high the elevation was. The run started great but I took a wrong turn and it made my mind wander. Consequently, I also didn’t realize that I was running consistently on the downhill. That made for a rough return!

At mile 9 I tapped out and walked the remaining way back to the hotel to finish the last mile on the treadmill. (That still counts as a 10 mile day, right?)

Lesson learned: don’t go in blind and just decide to wing it – especially when you’re running in the freaking desert.

Of course, I’ll be back out there tomorrow. Thinking of doing the Prescott Peavine National Recreation Trail then! I also touched base with the Mountain Milers, Prescott’s running club and Abe and I might hit up the trails with them while we’re in town!


6 thoughts on “Where I Ran Wednesday: Prescott Valley, AZ

    • Where in AZ did you live? Do you have any race recommendations for the state?

      I’ve had an absolute blast in the state so far, but I don’t know how you could live there when the weather just visiting is harsh enough!

      • I lived in Tempe and Mesa. Have you done the Rock and Roll Marathon (January)? Also Pat’s Run is fabulous and goes to a great cause.

      • I was just at dinner chatting with some locals who also raved about the Pat Tillman run! I’d love to do a RnR marathon and I think I’d have to check AZ off the list during the winter – that will definitely go on the race bucket list! I’m going to be in Prescott until Tuesday and then we’re going to Lake Havasu after that until July 9th! Any suggestions for things to do or see or places to eat?

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