Touristy Tuesday: Prescott, AZ Edition

Yee-haw! It’s been one hell of a week in Prescott, Arizona! Prescott, pronounced “Press-Kit” by the locals, is home to the World’s Oldest Rodeo – the Prescott Frontier Days, which were going on while we were in town!

The week was kickstarted Monday night with dinner downtown at a great local place called The Raven Cafe.

With a ton of farm-to-table food (which I just adore) and an upstairs patio with views to kill for, this place was just what we needed to relax from a day on the road.

When we got to the hotel we immediately jumped into the hot tub, which definitely hit the spot after a nine hour drive day!

Our place in Cali didn’t have a pool or tub, so I’ve been taking full advantage of it the past week. While down at the hot tub, Abe and I made friends with a handful of other guests who were passing through! Let me tell you, the Rodeo brings in some fun people!

Typically, whenever we get to a new city we get two days off. We spent our first day off visiting the Grand Canyon.

Now THAT was a fun trip! When I was younger I had a National Park Passport that my grandma got for me, filled with stamps from the Rocky Mountain National Park. Starting this job, I knew I’d see a few more parks and purchased another one while visiting the Central High School site in Little Rock, AK. Now I’ve officially added another stamp!

Our second day we spent catching up on things. We washed the company car at the local firehouse, which was a blast.

That evening we decided to venture into Downtown Prescott and stumbled across the Prescott Cloggers! What an unexpected delight that was.

The next few days could be characterized by working in the hot hot Arizona sun, going home to the pool, and then hitting the town with the locals!

Passing out poolside after 6 hours in 100 degree temps!

Friday night we went to the Rodeo, which was Abe’s first. I wanted to get a run in and he wanted a nap, so we ended up getting there at 8:30, when it started at 7:30. While we may have missed the beginning, we ended up getting in free!

After we got our fill of bull riding and hog tying, we headed down to Whisky Row. With more than 15 bars in just a few blocks, Whisky Row had endless options. What I found really interesting though, is that you could be at the same bar and feel like you’re in three different ones. For example, one bar we walked into had live country music in front and in their back room had a hip-hop DJ. That was actually awesome!

I love living on the road because you really stop caring about what people think about you. I probably went dancing a handful of times in college, but I’ve easily gone dancing twice as much in the month since starting this job!

The next morning we drove the car in to see the Prescott Rodeo Parade. We didn’t stay for the whole thing though because it lasted four hours! The parade was fun, but when you’re too big to get candy tossed your way and you’re not registered to vote in Arizona to glad-hand with politicians it’s just not the same!

Saturday night we headed to the Rodeo Dance. We went Saturday night because it was supposed to be 21+ night. Being around families so much with our job, we were looking forward to a night out with people our age. That is, until we got to the dance. I looked at Abe and said, “Wait, is it 41+ night?!” Haha! Prescott really is a retirement town at heart, so there were plenty of older couples tearing it up on the dance floor.

The rodeo dance was fun, but short lived, and we headed back to Whisky Row. There was one bar that we hadn’t made it to yet, which had been recommended to us by every local we asked – Coyote Joe’s. Holding true to the Prescott bar scene, Coyote Joe’s had three different levels and they were all totally different. Country on the downstairs patio, billiards and a more mellow tone on the lower level, and dancing on the second floor and upstairs patio! Even better than the scene were the $2.00 margaritas!

Somewhere along the night I was christened a bridesmaid! I didn’t have the sash long, and instead passed it along to the next girl who seemed worthy of the title!

Overall, Saturday night was a rootin’ tooting’ good time! All that fun though and the next morning I was up at 6:30, lacing up the running shoes to run with the Prescott Mountain Milers running club at Groom Creek!

On our final day in Prescott I ended up going on a hike to Granite Basin. Abe and I had met two grad students at Embry-Riddle who were both pilots and I got the local scoop on this hike!

Before the hike, a carbo-load was much deserved and I had the chance to try Two Mamma’s Pizza, in downtown Prescott. Holy Cow. Best. Deep. Dish. Ever. What is this – Chicago?

The Margherita Pizza was phenomenal! (Can you tell I love anything Margarita? haha!) The hike was beautiful, especially because it was close to sunset!

I don’t think there was a single day in Prescott that wasn’t memorable! I had never even heard of the place, and now I would be excited to be back!


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