Where I Ran Wednesday: Havasu Island

I’ve been having so much fun traveling that I haven’t really written about my next goal: the Marine Corps Marathon this October!

I was one of the lucky few (and by few, I mean 30,000+) who were able to register for the race this year. I made sure to set three alarms, and thank goodness – the race sold out in a record time of just a few hours.

I knew I wanted to do this marathon for two reasons. First, my dad is a Vietnam War Marine Veteran. This is one way that I want to pay tribute to both his service and the countless others who have served our nation.

18 year old self with Dad in Hawaii!

Second, I absolutely love D.C. and hear this is an incredible race. Having an awkwardly overwhelming sense of patriotism, I know I’m going to be bawling my eyes out the entire race!

Scheduling this race is also perfect for living on the road. It is giving me a distinct goal that I have to work toward and not give up on. I can’t skip runs because I’m hot, tired, or whatever other excuse I want to make up. I thought, and it has, that training for a marathon would help me stick to my running program. It also might work toward (gulp) a 50k later in the year. That’s right, I said it. You know runners, always have to be striving toward the next goal!

I’m going with a more advanced training regimen than I used for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon this May. 18 weeks long and a max of 42 mpw, that plan certainly got me well prepared for the race. Now I’d like to bump that up into the 50s MPW and hopefully take my speed to the next level. Timing isn’t a big goal for me, but it isn’t irrelevant either! This plan actually has three 20 milers scheduled in it! Hope I’m living somewhere good for those bad boys!

With that, I’ve been sticking to my training. Long runs are probably going to have to make it during the week and shorter runs will likely be a mix of treadmill and street runs, depending on where we are.

Here’s a shot of my June running log (you might have to click on it to enlarge for nitty gritty details). I LOVE my Garmin 210 and all the data that comes with it. It just feeds that data junkie attitude I have. I swear, seeing those runs accumulate gives me the motivation to keep it going. Now I just need four more months just like this one!

Today I wanted to get out there and do my 11 mile run because it was cloudy and overcast in Lake Havasu. With a forecast of triple digits the rest of our time here, I knew this might be my only chance to get some serious mileage in. However, I hadn’t eaten in the morning and had been out the night before. That, combined with monsoon rains, pulled me in early at 4 miles. But hey – I got out there and still got one of my runs in.

Talk about a great place to run. The island path that I ran on was almost a perfect 4 miles. When you look out over the lake you can see California on the other side!

Later in the week I plan on running over the London Bridge. Yes, the London Bridge. As in “The London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.” It was bought in the 60’s and then transported over here brick by brick! More on that on the next Touristy Tuesday post!

With views like these, I imagine it will be easy to want to get out the door this week. Let’s just hope the heat doesn’t ruin things too much!


4 thoughts on “Where I Ran Wednesday: Havasu Island

  1. Kelly, I am so happy for you that you got into this race. What a lovely way for you to honor your Dad. It makes me so proud that you want to honor him for what he values: the importance of stepping up and doing his duty for his country. I’m so proud you are my daughter and so proud of his service.

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