Where I Ran (and didn’t run) This Week

Well, it had to happen eventually, right? I missed my first run for this round of marathon training. Here was my mental dialogue for yesterday.

4:45 a.m. – “Let’s do it! I mapped this run out yesterday and it’s going to be a beautiful sunrise beachfront run!”

10 minutes later – “Gotta stop to get some fuel for the run. What – they don’t have my favorite power bar? How am I supposed to run under conditions like this?!”

5 minutes later, driving – “Dammit! I forgot my Garmin. Now I can’t track this run and I don’t have time to go back and get the watch! Oh sure, I’ve got a cell phone and could still time it and vaguely GPS it with Map My Run, but oh no – that’s just not good enough for me. If I don’t have Garmin data it’s like I didn’t even do it. Yep – can’t do it now, better turn back.”

5 more minutes later, driving home – “*#@^#&@!”

And just like that, even though I had compelled myself to get out of bed at 4:45 a.m. on my day off, I talked myself out of running. Do you ever do that and just instantly regret the decision?

The rest of the day we were busy and then we drove up to meet some of Abe’s friends for dinner. By the time we got back to the hotel it was already 11:00. I thought about running, but it wasn’t the best day and I really just bailed on it.

So here’s my question: You miss/skip a marathon training run. Do you just write if off your schedule? Do you do a double later on in the week? Do you skip your next rest day? How do you account for the lost miles?(It was only a 4 mile run, for context) I’m thinking of doing a day of two 4 miles – one set in the morning, one in the evening. Does that count?

That training flop aside, today I managed to get back out on the pavement. Someone I met recently on my travels introduced me to the idea of “asphalt surfing” where you’re driving and finally are able to clear your mind. For me, running is my version of asphalt surfing and is equally cathartic.

I know this is more of a running/travel blog, but I’m going to break from that for a bit to discuss something else that has been big in my life recently – weight loss maintenance. (Feel free to skip down four paragraphs until I’m back on the subject of running, but this being my blog and all I feel entitled to write about whatever I need to!)

Since losing weight, maintaining it has been a challenge. Losing is awesome – you’re constantly reaching new goals, being motivated my others, and receiving positive affirmation my friends, family, and even unknowing strangers.

Maintenance, on the other hand, is a whole different game – no encouragement (because – hello, shouldn’t you be able to handle this now?) and no reaching new goals. You no longer hear “You look so good,” and while it’s not because you DON’T look good necessarily, it’s simply not something people are going to say constantly. Regardless, you begin to doubt yourself and you’re afraid the next thing they’re going to say is, “you USED to look so good!”

For me, maintenance has been a constant stress of apprehension about what I can eat, what I can’t eat, and how to balance it all. Recently, being on the road, it’s become even more of a challenge. This is a year I want to look fabulous, but I’m in a situation with very limited control of where, what, and when I eat. Managing it all is no easy task. And even with the marathon training, I know I can’t eat an entire box of Cheerios. And yes, I actually did that yesterday – like I said, not a good day.

The next few weeks I’m really going to try to let myself live a little. Stay healthy, but not obsess. If I had just had a few slices of the (yes, I’ll say it) Little Caesar’s $5 carry out pizza I had been craving, I still would have consumed far less calories than in an entire box of Cheerios (who does that anyway?!) So that’s that. Running today really helped me to just step back and realign my thoughts again.

Has anyone else struggled from the transition of weight loss to weight maintenance? Any suggestions on dealing with it in a healthy and mindful way?

So where did I run that allowed me to clear my mind? The Monterey Peninsula coastline! You know those gorgeous scenic drives? They’re even better when you’re running them!

I found out about this specific run from the Monterey Convention and Visitor’s Bureau website. Having worked at a CVB myself, I know understand how awesome these are! The CVB had runs ranging from 3 miles – 9 miles! (Of course I went for the 9 mile one! Totally killed that last mile!)

I was in the company car and I thought I had gotten close to where the start of the run was when I saw two parking spaces available. When you’re trying to park a 27′ long hot dog, parallel parking is something you avoid at all costs! So I nabbed the spaces and hit the trail. I was definitely a little off in my estimation of where I was. First, here was the run I wanted to do and second, below, is the run I actually did.

Half of this run was supposed to be along the historic and scenic 17 mile drive from Monterey to Carmel. With my new and improved version of this route I went about 0.25 miles on 17 mile drive before hitting the halfway point and turning back. Oops!

Still, talk about gorgeous! For part of my run I was running on a sand path. Whoa – that was a challenge! I would consider that my first introduction to trail running – haha!

I finished looking absolutely glamorous. This is what a serious runner looks like.

Oh – are you wondering why I’m in running tights and a long sleeved shirt? Besides being dumb and wearing cotton (a mistake I make frequently, having not yet become a member of the Lululemon cult) the outfit was certainly called for. Monterey is FREEZING! Why didn’t anyone tell me how cold it is in this part of California?! Brr!

So that’s where I ran this week! I wanted to run across the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, but I’ll update you on that in my next Touristy Tuesday post! Farewell until then!


2 thoughts on “Where I Ran (and didn’t run) This Week

  1. When I was training for a marathon, my runs were always on alternate days. If I missed a run, I would use that alternate day to work out different muscles, upper body or my core. Then my running muscles would be sooo ready to run the next time I was due.

    I think for weight loss maintenance, it’s important to plan. When will your splurges happen this week? How can you make sure you’re getting variety in what you eat so you don’t crave something unexpectedly. It often works for me to eat well two days, and have a bit of a splurge, the third. Also to eat five times a day. Then my next feeding, or treat, is only two hours away! You have to plan real nice treats for yourself that are easy to transport in the company car.

    By the way, YOU LOOK GREAT! Wow, have you lost weight? Well done!

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