July Marathon Training Recap: 144 Miles in the Bag!

(You may have to click the image to be able to actually read it – sorry!)

Yeah, my jaw dropped when I added all the miles up. 144 miles in one month, six cities, and two states?! That’s insane! I’ve read blog posts about runners breaking 100 miles and I was always very impressed and jealous about that. I guess I never did the math to see what my own monthly mileage was!

I would definitely call July a successful month. Some pretty solid splits, an incredible 13.1 PR, and even getting in some treadmill runs when it was just too hot to run outside. (118 degrees in Lake Havasu!) I did miss one run during the month, but if that’s the worst of it I’m pretty happy with it! I’d also like to spread my rest days out, but with all the traveling Abe and I do it just seemed to work out that Monday and Tuesday were typically my off days.

Looking at my training schedule for the Marine Corps Marathon I really wish I could factor in some cross-training. I literally am ONLY running while on the road. While I absolutely love it, I miss the tone, definition, and strength that comes with biking and swimming. I’m making the concession though because at this point it’s just not feasible for me. It’s hard when you only have one car and it’s a 27′ long hot dog to get to the aquatic center or spin class!

August Schedule:
Week 1 – 34 miles (8, 4, 8, 4, 10)
Week 2 – 44 miles (5, 9, 5, 9, 16)
Week 3 – 45 miles (5, 9, 5, 9, 17)
Week 4 – 43 miles (5, 10, 5, 13.1 – extra rest day this week to taper for half)
Week 5 – 49 miles (5, 10, 5, 10, 19)


3 thoughts on “July Marathon Training Recap: 144 Miles in the Bag!

  1. On your drive to your hotel, use the laptop to Google gyms close to your hotel. A lot of times you can call ahead as ask if they offer complimentary weeklong trial passes for the gym/group classes. If you have to pay, use those negotiation skills and see if they’ll give you a break if you promise to park the ween in their lot X times that week + provide some whistles for staff. It works, trust me. Does this calendar come with the Garmin software features? It’s awesome.

    • Good tips! Today we worked out at the gym on the Navy base we were at. Gotta love having a partner with a military ID. Military Gyms, National Parks – we get into all that stuff for free! The calendar is part of the Garmin software. You can also synch Garmin with DailyMile.com – I’m just now exploring that. A lot of bloggers I follow use DailyMile!

  2. Kelly, I am so proud of your commitment to run the Marine Corp marathon to honor your father. Your hard work now will bring such joy in October. I’m so proud of you!

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