Surprise Half Marathon in the Morning!

What’s that?

Hmm.. that kind of sort of looks like a race bag if you ask me. That’s weird though – the only race I’m registered for right now is the Marine Corps Marathon in October.

A bunch of fliers? Yeah, that definitely seems like something from packet pickup.

A bib! Yep – this girl is definitely doing a race in the morning!

Yesterday I signed up to run the inaugural run of the Porter’s Half Marathon in Draper, UT!

When I took the job driving the Wienermobile I thought I’d have plenty of opportunities to check states off my list, but because we work every weekend it’s almost impossible to register for any races. Plus there is that whole issue of being in the right city on the right weekend! In two and a half months on the road, I have yet to run any races – that is, until now!

This weekend everything just fell together perfectly. This race is literally on the way to our events for the day! I figure if the race starts at 7:00 a.m., I finish by a hopeful 8:55, I can be on the road to work by 9:15, getting to work right on time! If that isn’t incentive for a PR, I don’t know what is.

I signed up for this race on a whim and it’s pretty small – about 300 people! I’m looking forward to it because the views will probably be spectacular. Oh yeah, and check out this elevation map – how could you not be excited about that!

So I guess you can expect a race report here soon! Fingers crossed for a chip-official sub 9:00min/mi pace tomorrow! Also, an unofficial goal I have because the race is so small is for an age award! If you win your division you get a belt buckle (it’s a Western themed race) – how cool is that?!

Wish me luck!


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