Touristy Tuesday: Salt Lake City, UT Edition

I already blogged about the most exciting part of my week in Salt Lake City – the Porter’s Half Marathon! Although that was certainly the highlight of the week, we still did some pretty fun things in the area. That being said, I’m grateful we’ll be back to Salt Lake because there are still lots of things on my bucket list for the area!

Our trip to Salt Lake City started off with a bang on that first day rafting and exploring! After that, we spent quite a bit of the week hanging out and just taking it easy. Recovering, if you will, from having so much fun the week before!

This week at work provided plenty of entertainment though. We were kept busy handing out whistles to the ample amounts of children present at all of our events – talk about some extensive families! (And I thought those families in the latino districts were big!)

Here’s what I can say about the people of Salt Lake City – they are unbelievably friendly and unbelievably blonde. I really just can’t get over how NICE everyone in this town is! And here I thought the Midwest was home to the most neighborly people.

It only took two days in town before I got my first Book of Mormon. The lady who gave it to me was a total sweetheart! She answered a lot of questions I had about Mormonism, some answers of which were quite shocking. For example, I asked if girls ever went on their own missions. She said they aren’t allowed to until they’re 21 and when I asked why she said they prefer the women to stay home and get married! Hey, at least she was honest. But that certainly explains why I kept seeing girls that looked my age stop by with 3 or more kids! I couldn’t get over how many children all these young couples have! There was definitely some culture shock there. What’s funny is that I grew up in a high school where all the teenage girls had kids, so this really shouldn’t seem that surprising. Just different contexts I suppose.

Thursday night we went out to dinner with Abe’s cousin, Rueben. He’s a professional soccer player. (Yeah, what?! No big deal!) He was in town with FC Dallas for their game against Real Salt Lake and we headed downtown to the new City Center shopping district for dinner. It seems like a pretty good shopping area, but I had already stocked up on all the sundresses I’d ever need in Fresno. It was pretty cool though to hear about Rueben’s life with soccer and traveling on the road.

Rueben also hooked Abe and I up with tickets to the game that weekend. It was my first MLS game, but really my first soccer game of any kind. Surprisingly, it was pretty fun – especially for not knowing any of the rules besides no hands! Haha!

The stadium definitely had a different feel to it than the football or baseball games I’ve been to. There was an entire drum section that kept the mood lively the entire game. Honestly, I’m not sure I would have enjoyed it as much without those beats! We were in the minority, cheering for FC Dallas, but it was pretty exciting because they won!

Choreographed halftime routine of hundreds of high school dance girls. It was pretty impressive actually!

Saturday morning was the big Porter’s Half Marathon, which was definitely the highlight of the week for me. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – I freaking love the running community. They are some of the coolest people you’ll meet! That’s why I love racing – it’s 100% concentrated with awesome people.

Sunday we just took it easy and packed up for the drive to Boise, which is where we are this week. I can already tell you this next week is going to be a good one! Look forward to some great running posts, a post about … CROSSFIT, and hopefully some fun touristy trips and nights out on the town. Rumor has it there is a club that has both a comedy show and dueling pianos afterward!

As always, any suggestions on where to go in Boise, what to eat, and who to meet up with while we’re in town?


One thought on “Touristy Tuesday: Salt Lake City, UT Edition

  1. I’m glad you had so much fun in Salt Lake. Why do sports teams call themselves “Real?” Are there fake ones running around? I don’t get that.

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