That Awkward Moment When You Didn’t Actually Win

Yep. You read that right – I didn’t actually win my division at the half marathon this weekend. I knew it was too good to be true! Haha!

They just posted the race results online from the Porter’s Half Marathon this past weekend. It turns out that because I registered late I wasn’t put in my division category in the system. So that 1st place I read on the kiosk, was not the W20-24 division that I thought I had dominated in! I actually would have placed third! (Which is still exciting because I’ve still never placed in a race before.)

But yeah … whoopsie!

Once I realized the mistake I immediately emailed the race director, absolutely horrified that here I had this belt buckle that some poor 20-24 year old girl was missing!

Dan, the race director, was also from Rockford (what I ‘call’ my hometown, even though that’s just where I went to high school) and we had spent quite a bit of time chatting about that during packet pickup and race day. He also saw how absolutely thrilled I saw and how much I enjoyed the race that day. I think that’s why when he emailed back he said to keep the buckle. What a sweetheart! (I can’t help admit that I’m actually a little excited about that, although I gladly would have overnighted it to its rightful owner.)

The results were still a little wacky in the end – while my bib number and chip time were posted, it wasn’t registered to me. I actually couldn’t find myself in the system at all. Oh well – I was doing it just for fun anyway! It’s about the running, right?

So, I take back that blog post about the race. i didn’t win my division, but I still am damn proud of how I did in the race.

Next time I’ll wait for the victory dance until the numbers come in and the race is all closed up!


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