Where I Ran this Week: Boise, Idaho – Greenbelt Trail

I. LOVE. RUNNING. Actually, after my 18 mile run this morning, I pretty much love everyone and everything. Full disclaimer: I have a serious runner’s high after runs like that!

Today was my long run for the week along the Greenbelt Trail in Boise, Idaho. Let me tell you – I’m ready to move to Idaho. This place is unbelievably gorgeous!

Yesterday I did an 8 mile run and took the trail past Boise State and through some gorgeous neighborhoods. It was like the crew from Curb Appeal or any of those countless HGTV shows came and took over all of Boise – every house and yard had impeccable landscaping! Between the college kids, lawn ornaments and gorgeous gardens, I certainly wasn’t bored.

Today I decided to take that same trail but run along the other side of it, which continues further. The run was a breeze! I was expecting a rough run because the tops of my thighs and my calfs had been aching from the half marathon this weekend. Instead, after three miles I was all loosened up and the miles just ticked off. I was only supposed to do 17 miles, but I went for 18 – I like to break the run into 3 mile increments and figured what’s one more mile once you’ve done 17! I don’t listen to music while I run, but the scenery and sound of the river were more than enough of a distraction.

Along the way I ran into this absolutely adorable “Free Little Library” that a converted an old newspaper stand into a give-and-take place for children’s books!

You “otter” be reading! I couldn’t help but think my Librarian-Mother would adore this concept! How fun. This would also be a fun idea to have around neighborhoods too, not just in front of a school!

I also ran into something a little more intimidating. At mile 2 I saw a raccoon two feet from me who scurried off. At mile 6 I saw a deer scamper through the fields. Then at mile 10 I saw this fox – mouse in his mouth and all – directly on the trail.

The other two critters had run off, but this guy was not scared by either the other runner on the trail or the biker, and certainly not by me. His lack of fear made me scared! I figured since he had already found breakfast though that I might be ok!

Besides that, the run was great! High-fived quite a few other runners along the way. That leads me to one thing I’ve got to address though – bikers here are jerks. Seriously, you can’t even smile when I say good morning? It’s not like you’re going all that fast – you’re clocking maybe 15 mph, and that’s on the downhill! Boise runners, love you guys. Boise bikers, not so much! Can’t a girl even get a head nod? Haha!

Now I’m ready to go explore Boise. My gamin said I burned 2,000+ calories and I think that qualifies as the perfect excuse to go to the fair today! Deep fried Oreos are something I’ve always wanted to try! Haha!


One thought on “Where I Ran this Week: Boise, Idaho – Greenbelt Trail

  1. Those are some impressive numbers. And I agree, Idaho is quite beautiful. I was there last month in Idaho Falls and remember being quite taken by the scenery.

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