7 Days, 3 States and 50 MILES!!!

That’s right – GOAL. ACHIEVED! I finally had my first 50 mile week! Whoo!

The week started out in the great state of Idaho, where I did my 20 mile run before our drive that day. It was such a good run that I wanted to run my final mile sub 8:00. Didn’t quite make it, but I’ll take an 8:00 exact mile any day!

I did the 20 miles on the Greenbelt River Trail. I was only supposed to do 19 miles, but I just love that trail and was feeling good about it. Finished it off with a well-earned chocolate milk!

Work and Reward

That same day we drove into Salt Lake City, Utah –  we were back again for some absolutely stunning views!

Then, yesterday we rolled into Boulder, Colorado where I had the chance to finish out my miles for the week.


I celebrated with plenty of carbs throughout the week – both bread and beer! More on the rest of the adventures from the last seven days in tomorrow’s Touristy Tuesday post!


3 thoughts on “7 Days, 3 States and 50 MILES!!!

  1. That’s pretty intense — I have yet to break 50 in a week, so a tip of the hat to you! September has been my highest mileage month for the last three years, so if it’s going to happen, it’ll likely be in the next four weeks. Onwards!

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