Knowing When to Say Goodbye: The End of a Great Relationship with My Mizunos

My current pair of Mizuno Wave Precisions are like a dead beat kid that I need to finally kick out of the house. Sure, we’ve had some good times together, but right now they’re just a drag on me. We’ve just been through too much – too many miles – and I’ve got to say goodbye.

They’re dirty, dingy, and falling apart. I try to help them out and keep them clean, but they’re addicted to running and it’s slowly but surely physically destroying them. You can only do so much for them, but eventually you just have to let go.

They’re just not supporting me anymore. Once firm and strong, now they’re flimsy and weak. It’s a relationship doomed to fail. So next week I will have to put my foot down, without them on. They’ve simply gotta go.

R.I.P. Mizunos
May 2012 – September 2012
523 miles across 7 states

With them gone, I’ll be adopting a new pair that will hopefully be there for me for the rest of the Marine Corps Marathon training in a way I just couldn’t count on these to.


11 thoughts on “Knowing When to Say Goodbye: The End of a Great Relationship with My Mizunos

  1. Ahhh, hate tossing out shoes like that, but I do LOVE getting new ones (minus forking over the bones, obvi). I’m an really awful running shoe hoarder. Even when I buy a new pair I ALWAYS save the old one(s). I have major separation anxiety.

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