Care Packages for Friends Running Chicago!

It’s fall and that means race season is in full swing! With two friends about to do their first marathon at Chicago I set out to make them the perfect pre-race care packages!

My first friend running Chicago is my girlfriend Tarah. Last October we ran our first half marathons together at the Chicago Monster Dash. While I couldn’t talk her into running the Flying Pig Marathon with me in May, I convinced her she definitely had to do 26.2 at some point and in February she signed up for the Chicago Marathon!

My second friend headed to Chicago is Ashley, who was actually a student in the Design and Visuals lab that I taught last year. She was the one who finally convinced me I needed a head lamp – now if that’s not a true friend I don’t know what is!

Since it’s both of their first marathons, I wanted to send them a little care package to get them pumped up for the big day. I still can’t express how much it meant to me when my sister sent me one for the Flying Pig Marathon, which had three little knit piggies nested in the box!

So what went in their care packages?

  • Spaghetti – Naturally, gotta get those carbs working
  • Almonds – Since I’m sure they’re getting a little “taper nutty!”
  • Cliff Bars and Gu
  • Ibuprofen – After 26.2 miles nothing tastes better than ibuprofen, I swear
  • Encouragement card – Gotta have a little sappiness!

What would you want in a pre-race care package?


4 thoughts on “Care Packages for Friends Running Chicago!

  1. You are so sweet! Two friends send me a card right before Boston last year and it made me cry, I keep it in my training log now :)

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