Where I Ran This Week: Killer Track Workout in Pamona, CA

Remember how I said in my last blog that I was going to spend this week focusing on “recovery” running? It turns out that meant not running at all for four days (I was in Vegas!) and then having the run of a lifetime tonight.

I was too busy running around Vegas having fun to do any actual running over the last week. Today though, Abe and I had to come back to the real world, and I knew I should probably get some miles in.

We are spending one night in Pamona, California, which is one of those parts of LA you probably should just drive through if you know what’s good for you. Our hotel is just down the street from Cal Poly – Pamona though and I decided to play it safe by just running on their track.

Gorgeous sunset on my way down to the college

This was my first time running on a track in months, and while it wasn’t a track workout in the traditional sense, it certainly provided an incredible speed workout.

Now, I know you go faster on a track, but my pace for 5 miles was 8:05! I give the track some credit, but I think I was really just feeling inspired after a great week in Vegas. It was like I used all my endorphins from Sin City and put them into this workout, which just gave me even more endorphins!

Not only did I finish with a phenomenal runner’s high, but I also ended up with two semi-funny anecdotes from the run.

I had been alone for most of the workout, with the exception of a few students on the field and two other runners. Just as I was bolting the last quarter-mile lap, one of the other runners circled back to run with me. Determined to finish strong I said/gasped for him to sprint the remainder of the lap with me, which ended up being a successful strategy for staying inspired for the finale of my run. He smoked me no problem at the finish, but I had been wavering and that burst of energy got me to the finish line. Once I stopped my Garmin we chatted for a bit during my cool-down walk.

Me – “So are you a student here?”
Him – “Yeah, I’m studying mechanical engineering. What do you do?”
Me – “I drive the Wienermobile.”
Him – “That makes sense.”

LOL. What? I don’t think I’ve heard that one before! Especially when the Wienermobile wasn’t even around, having walked to the track! It was kind of endearing actually. After two laps though I politely said farewell and headed back to the hotel.

Then on my way back to the room I had to cross the hotel courtyard, where there were a group of men chatting by the pool. I was wearing one of those famous “Kelly!” race t-shirts and as I passed them one shouted out, “You’ve got my name on your shirt!”

Me – “Your name is Kelly?”
Him – “Yeah, spelled the same!”
Me – “But is it Kelly with an exclamation point?”
Him – “No, it’s Kelly, exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point!!!”
Me – “See, I’m excited, but not on crack! Have a good night gentlemen.”

So 5 miles, 2 humorous encounters, and 1 PR later I’d call that a pretty damn good run!


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