Touristy Tuesday: VEGAS Edition!

Sorry folks, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Well, just the parts about wild nights out on the town and romantic love affairs!

Ok, let’s be real – last week I was doing puzzles and reading by the fire. There probably isn’t too much from the week to edit. That being said, it actually was one hell of a week in Sin City for the SW team!

Although we arrived on Monday it’s Vegas so it might as well have been Friday. We weren’t staying on The Strip (thank goodness or that would have led to some serious trouble) but our hotel had a shuttle down to Mandalay Bay. I don’t think I even unpacked before I headed out, dressed to impress, with plans to meet up with Abe once he was ready. While I was waiting for him I had a few drinks chatting with a Canadian lawyer who (clearly just barely) survived a bachelor party weekend. He gave me some advice before I left: take advantage of drinking on the street, don’t get married, and don’t accidentally fall asleep by the pool. Can’t argue with any of that logic!

Once Abe showed up we scurried off, taking the tram down The Strip. I knew the night was off to a good start when I said to the crowd in the tram, “WHO’S READY FOR VEGAS?!” and they all were equally as excited. It was this group of AARP-card-carrying-members who were in Vegas on (retirement?) vacation, but they were a TOTAL blast. Somehow in the 2 minute tram ride we became best friends (must be a Vegas thing because that seemed to happen a lot) and headed over to the Coyote Ugly bar in New York New York. I adore anyone who can share my level of enthusiasm, so to start Vegas off right I promptly bought the first round of shots.

Of course, being Vegas, they reciprocated and bought Abe and I drinks for the road. We were pretty excited to be able to walk with drinks, so we took full advantage of that (as advised by the Canadian) and walked down to watch the Bellagio Fountains, which were spectacular.

After walking around the casino for a bit (yes, I did feel like Julia Roberts in the Oceans movies) we decided to split up for the night.

I had one goal for Vegas: learn to play craps. Kind of arbitrary, but it always seemed like the most fun of the table games, which turned out to be true! I learned a few things that night at the craps table:

– It’s a man’s world. Has anyone heard of LADY luck?? Where were the ladies?! The women who were there mostly just spectated, which is fine, but I’m a get-in-on-the-action kind of girl.
– People go big! My second night I watched this guy blow $5,000 in under half an hour.
– Don’t say seven. I learned that hard way. (Sorry everyone who was at that table! That was my bad.)

Having only played slots, I had no idea gambling could be so much fun. Slots are just so isolated and depressing. At the craps table everyone is rooting for each other. My policy in life is that I don’t need to win, but I want to have fun playing.

That first night was an absolute blast! It was a VEGAS night. Met a bunch of awesome people, drank wine, and played craps at the Bellagio. I can definitely say I didn’t want that night to end…

But you know, we were there for work. By work, I mean that Abe and I gave rides at this big convenience store convention that was going on. It was a trade show with vendors ranging from gas price signage to every type of food in convenience stores. During our down time we got to wander around the trade show floor and all I can say is “yikes!” was that dangerous! I tried more types of beef jerky than you can imagine.

The best part, besides all that jerky, was that there was a private show Tuesday night for some of the trade show sponsors: Sheryl Crow at the Hard Rock Casino! That’s right, SHERYL CROW! And Abe and I got free tickets! Talk about absolutely incredible.

In addition to Kraft, Anheuser-Busch also sponsored the event, so the Clydesdale horses were there and it was an open bar. Since Sheryl Crow went to Mizzou and A-B is out of St. Louis it was the perfect way to makeup for missing homecoming this year.

The concert was amazing. The venue held 3,000 people so it was a really intimate show. Tuesday night was one of those moments on the road where I just couldn’t believe this was my life and actually happening!

After the show I called it a fairly early evening – by Vegas standards anyway, not by Kelly standards. Abe and I stayed around long enough for the live auction, where a day with the Wienermobile went for $2,000!

Wednesday was supposed to be Hoover Dam day. Spoiler alert: we didn’t make it to the Hoover Dam at all. I KNOW. I KNOW. You don’t have to tell me how much we suck for missing that. But, I suppose it’s another reason to make it back to Vegas one of these days…

Instead, we went on a mission to find Abe some proper Vegas attire. I’ve spent the last four months accruing more dresses than any girl living out of two suitcases really needs. Abe, on the other hand, has probably lost more articles clothing than he’s purchased. (How about those Drive Day shirts Abe…?! Haha)

So, we headed down to the mall on the hunt for good deals. We found:
– Tickets to a Vegas show for the following night
– My first J. Crew button downs (hey, I’m pretty excited about that)
– Suspenders for Abe

Yep – walking around the mall – I saw Bill Clinton! Like one of those fans who chases down the Wienermobile, I obnoxiously chased after the president to get a picture, which I failed at completely. I did succeed at passing along my business card to his security and telling them that I would “relish” giving the president a ride in the Wienermobile! Sadly, he didn’t want to “ketchup” with me and I was left feeling like the girl ditched at the senior prom by the high school quarterback.

Although Clinton never called, I still had a fabulous night out on the town. I had an incredible time with great company all night – from dinner to the piano bar, which included an incredible rendition of the jingle sponsored by a sweetheart who found out my true identity. Sadly, the New York New York roller coaster was closed due to poor weather, but that is probably just another sign I might have to go back to Vegas one of these days.

Midway through the week Abe and I were surprised with a very fitting gift in the mail. Jesse from South Dakota, who we met in Salt Lake City, shipped us two bottles of local South Dakota wine!

Not only was that absolutely awesome of him, but he sent Abe and I both a sweet wine and a darker one – perfect for both of our tastes!

Our last day in Vegas Abe and I had two things left to check off our bucket list – seeing a Vegas show and doing a Vegas buffet. The buffet we did at the Monte Carlo was surprisingly unremarkable, but the show was fantastic!

We went to one of those cheap ticket places and got fairly decently priced tickets to see Absinthe. Abe had said he wanted to see something either funny or scandalous and I had wanted to see Circ du Solei (SPELLING?!?!?). Absinthe turned out to be the perfect combination of all three things.

Absolutely hilarious, with a touch of Vegas sexiness, and plenty of cool acrobatics.

With that, to say Vegas ended on a high note is a bit of an understatement. It was a whirlwind of a week and I feel like I hit the jackpot. Hands down, this was the climax of the trip so far!

We ended up leaving Vegas a little late (oops!) but got on the road and headed back to Los Angeles.

Getting ready to go, sad to be leaving Vegas. Don’t worry, that’s not how I drive.

We may have been ready for a vacation from the mini-vacation in Vegas, but back to work making magic we went.

Making magic included:

Winning “Best in Show” in our weekend parade.

Learning how to hula hoop and then getting grown men to join me in a hula-hooping contest.

This week we are in Anaheim, California – home of Disneyland. From Sin City to one of the happiest (and most wholesome) places on Earth! From show girls to Disney princesses. Tomorrow we’re headed on out on our own Mickey Mouse scavenger hunt during the day and then Hollywood for stand-up comedy in the evening! If you have any other suggestions for what to do, where to go, or who to meet up with while we’re in town definitely let me know!


2 thoughts on “Touristy Tuesday: VEGAS Edition!

  1. You are your mother’s daughter. Yesterday on the metro, it was rush hour, we were all standing hanging on to the bar with one hand packed in like sardines, and for some reason, the dang thing wouldn’t move. I was bored out of my mind. So I said, “somebody teach me a Turkish song.” By the time we left the station we had ten people singing:

    bir gün bir gün bir çocuk
    eve de gelmiş kimse yok
    açmış bakmış dolabı
    şeker de sanmış ilacı
    yemiş yemiş bitirmiş
    akşama sancı başlamış
    kıvrım kıvrım kıvranmış
    yaptığından utanmış

    Is this a sign I need to buy an I-Pod?

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