MCM Weather Forecast: Kick-ass with a Chance of a Hurricane

So the weather forecast for the Marine Corps Marathon might include some mention of a possible hurricane… Here were some funny comments I saw on the MCM Facebook page:

So what does a runner do when their marathon calls for a hurricane and they haven’t trained in the rain once? They run with it! Seeya at the start line!


7 thoughts on “MCM Weather Forecast: Kick-ass with a Chance of a Hurricane

  1. Good luck! The only piece of advice I can give (which shouldn’t be taken seriously as I avoid training in rainy conditions) is to buy new running socks NOW, break them in tomorrow, wash them and then wear them again on race day. In my two experiences with race-day rain, almost brand new socks work well in keeping blisters at bay.

      • Yeah, I couldn’t believe it! My Garmin died before the race even started, so it was all based on feeling. My 10k splits were all within a few seconds of each other! I FINALLY posted the race recap! (Warning: it’s really long. I do those mainly for myself, so they’re not very succinct!)

  2. Good luck, Kelly! I hope you have a wonderful race. I think the bad weather is a humble reminder of what Marines endure for their country. I love you, I’m proud of you, I know you’re going to just have a fantastic experience.

    • I love writing lists of eradrns, grocery items, random to-do items, thank you notes I have to write, etc. But I have never written out anything related to training. I use spreadsheets and only have a small amount of space for comments. When I look back at some of my best running from years ago, I don’t have enough info there to tell me why I was truly successful — only a list of runs and paces.I would love to try using a journal! I really feel that when I put pen to paper, especially when it comes to goals and dreams, it makes them a reality. It can be a scary reality in the sense that I may be afraid that I can’t reach that goal and it will be a more “public” failure if it is captured somewhere in the written word! But I think making it more real is also what will help motivate me to reach my goals. I have found that even in the past 2+ months that I have been blogging, I am more motivated (and inspired from reading blogs like yours!) than ever before. You are going to do so great at MCM! :)

  3. I LOVE that last line. You ARE the hero in your story. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Do you have a goal? You are going to do so great and I am SO excited for you. Just rmebeemr when you are having the \”down\” emotions that you have DONE the work and will reap the rewards. Hugs!

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