Race Recap: Doggie Dash & Dawdle in Albuquerque, NM

Just a week after doing my second marathon in Washington D.C., I was across the country in Albuquerque, New Mexico checking another state off the Race for 50 States.

Now my goal is to do any type of race in each state, before my 25 birthday. Not all of these are serious. For example, I did the Freedom Trail Run, which was a touristy run in Boston, and the Dirty Dash in Boise counted for Idaho. While there are certainly races I would go back to New Mexico to do (like the Bataan Memorial Death March – definitely on the bucketlist) I was able to officially check of N.M with a fun-run 5k called the Doggie Dash & Dawdle.

Abe and I actually lucked out with this one! We were in Albuquerque with the Wienermobile and had the opportunity to plan some of our own events. Both being runners, the Doggie Dash & Dawdle was a great opportunity for the Wienermobile and us! The race was a fundraiser for the Albuquerque Humane Society, so it went to a great cause.

We arrived at Balloon Fiesta Park early to score prime parking for the Wienermobile. We lucked out with a spot right at the finish line. I’m glad we showed up early because it was great for dog and people watching!

The race was a total surprise. I honestly was expecting a small, community event. Wrong! There were 4,000+ people there with their dogs. The running community definitely has a certain ‘look’ to it, and generally there isn’t much diversity to it. That doesn’t apply to pets though! This race had everything from great danes to chi-wienies (Chihuahua and Dachshund mix) to everything in-between. There was even the option to rent a dog for $10/hour. Abe and I were going to do that, but they were all taken!

The race itself went great! It was my first time running since the marathon, so I was looking forward to stretching out my legs. I hadn’t followed proper recovery advice, so I hoped for the best! We ended up finishing in 28:37, which is a 9:10 pace.

Not bad. Not bad at all! (Especially considering I did the race in my “flight suit” which proved to be incredibly hot!) This was actually my first timed 5k since my first race ever last summer. That 5k I finished in about 35 minutes. Talk about a PR. I know I could easily break 27:00 minutes in a 5k I’m looking to race, so I might need to sign up for one soon just to see what I’m capable of.

11 States (+1 District) down, 39 to go! 


8 thoughts on “Race Recap: Doggie Dash & Dawdle in Albuquerque, NM

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  2. So THAT’S why you mentioned the wiener mobile! I truthfully looked into being the wiener mobile person after college after reading an article about it. What a cool opportunity! And glad you enjoyed your race and your short visit to Albuquerque.

    • Haha! Yeah, it has been an incredible opportunity and I’ve gotten to go everywhere from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Grand Canyon! So I’m actually flying back into ABQ today. We leave tomorrow for LA, but would you have any interest in getting together for a run tomorrow morning? Or do you have any suggestions for paths/trails in the area? (I didn’t really explore the ABQ running scene last time since I was recovering from a marathon so I’d love any tips on routes!)

      • Welcome back! Mornings are a little frazzled in our house trying to get out the door, but if you’re willing to get up early enough, I can probably meet you somewhere. Do you know what area of town you’re staying? As for trails, I recommend the Bosque (right along the river) for a flat trail, or the foothills (at the base of the mountain) for a more scenic route. If you email me at lavenderparking@hotmail.com I can give you more specific directions.

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