Runner’s Wish-List

With all the traveling that I do for work, one of my main concerns this Christmas is that Santa knows where to find me! Hopefully he knows what hotel to look for me at because I’m thinking of leaving hot dogs out instead of cookies this year.

Just kidding about all of that, but with the holidays coming up I started thinking about my own wish-list for the season.

Rock n Roll Tour Pass
What a GREAT idea! This seems like a fantastic investment for anyone pursuing a 50 States goal or who enjoys destination running. For $399 you get access to any and all Rock n Roll races across the country. I know those races can be expensive, so this would pay for itself in just three to four races!

Tour Pass

(Ooh – when grabbing the link I saw they will have the pass $20 off tomorrow, 12.12.12! Alright, I might be buying myself a Christmas present tomorrow…)

Compression Socks
I must have missed the memo on how amazing these are until recently. I hadn’t even heard of them, but now I’m reading reviews left and right by people who swear by them. A cute pink pair perhaps, to go with the watermelon shoes.

Compression Socks

These CEP compression socks seem to great rave reviews and seem to be worth the splurge.

Marathon Necklace
I think after two marathons and hopefully more on the way I’m entitled to a little bling. (Especially since I can’t exactly put that 26.2 sticker on the Wienermobile!)

Marathon Necklace Marathon Necklace 2

Marathon Necklace 3

(Making this wish-list is dangerous! I might just have to go on my own mini shopping spree here soon. These are all from the same Etsy shop and I might see if she can do a custom combination for me.)

Kalorie Box Membership
I heard about this service through a blogger review that I recently read and it looks pretty neat. You get a box each month with a variety of low calorie snack options. This would be perfect to stash in the company car for drive day emergencies!

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 4.16.43 AM

I absolutely love getting mail and this would be like getting a care package each month filled with goodies and surprises!

Omnivores Dilemma & In Defense of Food
Can you believe I still haven’t read either of these I’ve heard such great things about Michael Pollan books and these would be the perfect addition to the library I’ve been building up in the Wienermobile.  Omnivore's Dilemma

In Defense of Food

Cozy Socks
I used to get the very best winter socks from Sam’s mom, but I think I’m on my own for these this year. There is just something comforting about pulling on thick socks in the middle of winter. And as Dumbledore said, “One can never have enough socks.”

Cozy socks

That’s right, my wish-list includes not one, but TWO types of socks! Oh my – I must officially be an adult now!


5 thoughts on “Runner’s Wish-List

  1. I suppose it’s a sign of age that I get all gleeful if I get a nice pair of wicking socks. Sorry, but you just got 5 years older just reading that.

  2. I have compression socks on my list too, but the Pro Compression in lime green.

    Also – if you don’t get the running necklaces, there are a few “how-to” to make your own using washers and a permanent marker, then “cooking” in the ink in an oven. Go figure, it’s on Pinterest.

    • I love it! I live in hotels for my job, so no ovens for me, but maybe that will be a fun craft project when I’m home for the holidays.

      Have you used the compression socks before? What exactly are they like? Do you usually run with them or wear them around afterward? I’m still not totally sure I understand how they work! lol

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