Regaining it: Weight and My Control Over It

You know what is surprising about my life on the road in the Wienermobile? Even though it doesn’t fit through the drive-thru, Abe and I still manage to eat quite a bit of fast food!

After six months of eating out (hey – remember how I said that was one of my goals to avoid – oops) I could feel the impact. It wasn’t that my clothes fit all too differently, or that the numbers on the scale were that much higher, but I could see the direction I was headed. I started the job at my all time healthiest (ok, and skinniest) and that has slowly been slipping away.

Before Hotdoggin' started in June.

Before Hotdoggin’ started in June.

While friends and family have sworn they can’t tell a difference, I can and I think that is what matters most. I don’t feel as confident or happy with myself as I did in May.

So I decided to make a change and regain a sense of control by starting back with Weight Watchers. I could see the 10 lb gain quickly becoming more and I figured I better be proactive.

I’ve talked about the Weight Watchers program before and about what a big advocate I am for it. That’s because it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. And the best part is, if you follow the program it is guaranteed to work. With a little bit of commitment, you will see results, and that will inspire you to keep at it!

Going back to Weight Watchers was two-fold for me. First, I knew it was something I could do and be successful at. It worked once, it will work again. Second, it’s do-able on the road. You can literally eat whatever you want on Weight Watchers, and that’s what I need because frankly there is just no way to make and follow a weekly meal plan.

The Weight Watchers and Points Plus program really does give me a sense of empowerment. I’m a data junkie and appreciate the measurable tools they provide. Tracking does encourage positive food decisions and really helps you stay on track. I like knowing if I do X, Y, and Z (stay within my points, etc.) that I will see results.

Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 6.41.50 PM

I have been to two meetings so far and am down 4 lbs and some change. My goal is to be back to my pre-Hotdoggin’ weight by our mid-year staff meeting in the middle of January. (Yes, I realize that Christmas and New Years fall between now and then, but so does a half marathon and full marathon!)

Having seen success on the program, abandoned it, gained some back, and now restarted I’ve realized that I will probably be on Weight Watchers or tracking food for the rest of my life. And you know what, I’m OK with that. I know it is a system that works for me!

Right now I’m still working on distinguishing skinny and healthy, but that’s another blog post on body image altogether! More on that to come.


5 thoughts on “Regaining it: Weight and My Control Over It

  1. Kelly, I remember this was a concern for you before you started Hotdogging! Did you ever bring along that little stove to make “home” cooked meals?

    • Haha. Kind of. I’ve put together a little “cooking kit” that has plates, a skillet, seasonings, and a few other things. I’ll do my best with microwave cooking, but some of our hotels have kitchenettes, which are pretty nice. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of those more the second half of the year!

      • Good! Cooking your own meals will help you stay in control of what you eat. Keep it up girl! Another idea is to get a microwave rice cooker. It’s great for cooking rice but if you get the ones with the basket, you can steam vegetables in it too! It’s one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

  2. Ok, my little niece, you have just inspired me to go back to WW. I agree that it is the best plan and I need to go back to the basics. Thanks for inspiring me this time!!! And by the way, you do look great!

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