From the Southwest to the Midwest!

Good-bye West Coast, Hello Midwest Coast. (That’s right, the Midwest Coast. We can at least pretend there is a bit of paradise here in the breadbasket of America.)

Blog 1

So why am I in America’s heartland’s heartland and how did I end up here from California? Well, in the last month that I’ve been virtually MIA from blogging I’ve switched regions and switched partners in the Wienermobile. I’ll catch up on those Touristy Tuesday weeks I’ve missed soon, but in the meantime I’ve got some introductions to do.

First though, I’ve got to say good-bye to my BFF, partner in crime, and co-corndog Abe.

Blog 10

We spent seven incredible months galavanting across the country, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Grand Canyon.

Blog 6

He indulged me in all those stops at National Landmarks and introduced me to every type of Mexican food you could imagine.

Blog 7

This guy put up with the corndog that I am. He laughed at my jokes, laughed at my klutziness, and mostly just spent a lot of time laughing at me in general. But I love him.

Blog 4

We finished up our time in the Southwest with a five day cross-country drive from San Francisco, down to San Diego, and up to Madison. Back at Hot Dog Headquarters Abe and I said our good-byes….

(Halfway through the Wienermobile tour we get new partners and new territories – the time had come.)

So I dug out my winter coat, put away the flip flops, and tried my best to mentally prepare for a real Midwest winter.

Blog 11

Now allow me to introduce my new teammate, Eliot.

Blog 5

He is a University of Wisconsin Business-Finance graduate who spent his first six months on the job in the Southeast.

Blog 2

From our short time together I can already tell you a few fun facts about him.

1. We will definitely be eating less Mexican food than I have gotten used to. In fact, it’s been three weeks and I haven’t had rice and beans once! (It helps that he is equally burnt out on Spanish cuisine from having his own Latin partner the first half.)

2. The decline in tacos is inversely proportional to the increase in conversations involving sports. He’s a BIG Badgers/Packers/Brewers/YouNameItButNotTheCubs fan.

3. He is equally as into country as me. Hurray – Let the Zac Brown Band, Taylor Swift, and Garth Brooks play!

Of course now that we are back in the Midwest there are some new challenges – like blizzards to worry about. Since we are currently snowed into our hotel in Madison, we (or rather Eliot) is working on a puzzle and I finally have run out of excuses to avoid blogging.

Guess that means I’ll get to work on some of these long overdue blogs from the road!


5 thoughts on “From the Southwest to the Midwest!

  1. What an adorable update. Like Abe, I love the line…”laughing at me in general.” Abe, I’m going to miss hearing about you! Congratulations, Kelly, on making it to the six-month mark of hotdogging. You and Abe were a terrific team. Welcome, Elliot. May you both have an equally fun six months together.

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