While We’re on the Topic of Transitions


I recently announced my next endeavor, post-packaged meats, pursuing my MBA at the University of Wisconsin. Other things are changing with the move too, and I am done with being just the “runner girl”. Now that I’ve got a place to live and don’t just have hotels to jog around, I’m going to start diversifying. Now, I have decided to flood my friends and family with updates not just about pounding the pavement, but also about swimming AND biking. That’s right – it’s about time to do a triathlon again!

It has been about a month now since I jumped into my first lap pool and things have been going surprisingly well. I mostly used that swim as an excuse to test out that fancy-schmancy Garmin910XT I splurged on at the Indy Mini-Marathon (–LINK–). Sure enough, it’s waterproof and does a great job counting laps. My first workout I did at most 200 yds straight, without stopping. This week – I did my first mile swim! 1,750 yds!

Screen shot 2013-07-14 at 8.01.58 AM

Admittedly, the segway back into swimming has been a lot easier than biking. Mainly, because I don’t have a bike. Instead, I bought a summer pass for the fitness classes at UW and sucked it up to do my first sinology class since undergrad. It was great, but I felt that was a little like cheating so I decided to test out a real bike.

Madison has a program called B-Cycle all over the city, which allows you to rent bikes for short rides and has docking stations all across town. Tonight I gave one a 12 mile test run, riding past the beautiful Lake Monona and through the UW Arboretum. Sure enough, I knew I needed to get on the real deal – my legs were decidedly more jello-esque after an actual ride than after spin class.


I haven’t picked out a triathlon for this fall, so if you have any suggestions – let me know! I am excited to be mixing up my workouts again, not relegated to just running like I had been the last year. Who knows, maybe I’ll become a Yogi too while I’m at it!

Also, if you are on GarminConnect I’d love to connect with you! My username is KGold818


5 thoughts on “While We’re on the Topic of Transitions

  1. Finding these other workouts should improve your running! I love the freedom to mix things up. I have not swam in a year. I need to get back at it!

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