Grateful for Miles – 20 Miles, 20 Things to be Grateful For

I have decided to start a program I am dubbing the Grateful for Miles challenge. You can read more about the origins here but essentially the idea is to write down one thing for which I am grateful for every mile that I run. This will probably turn into a weekly post (I’ll be doing them daily, but in a personal journal) but to kick-start the idea I am jumping in today, with twenty for my big twenty miler this week.

Screen shot 2013-08-10 at 4.47.02 PM

I am grateful for:

Running Related:
1. The amazing pace I held today for 20 miles, which would translate to a sub 4:00 marathon.
2. That people were high-fiving left and right on the trail today.
3. Not having to stop at (almost) any intersections.
4. That my new friend Matt left me a tasty goodie bag of cold (!!) water, a banana and chocolate cranberries. (He lives right on my route and when I told him of my plans yesterday he said he would put out some treats. What a pal.)
5. No chafing!
6. A downhill second half.
7. Remembering to wear sunscreen. (I added this one just to make my mom proud.)

Life Related:
8. A new research project that I am excited to work on.
9. The incredible egg burrito wrap I made post-run.
10. The Madison Public Library and all the amazing books I’ve been enjoying this summer.
11. My friend Zahra coming back to the U.S. next week and her new adventures.
12. That my mom called from Turkey right as I finished my run and I got to share my adventures with her.
13. That my dad loves me enough to nag me when I screw stuff up.
14. Having a sister who lives nearby now.
15. Air conditioning.
16. Not having to go grocery shopping OR do laundry for a few more days.
17. That I remember at least some of my accounting class so studying for this grad school proficiency exam isn’t too terrible.
18. Skinny Taste – that website is amazing.
19. Having some pre-made meals in the fridge so I don’t have to move too much today.
20. This totally lazy afternoon.

Some of these are kind of ridiculous, like the egg burrito, and some are more serious, but I think we can be thankful for things big and small. (The egg burrito was a pretty big thing, by the way.)

Join in for Grateful for Miles Monday this week!


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