Touristy Tuesday: Anaheim, CA Edition

Touristy Tuesday is back! I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of these! I fell out of touch there for a bit, but I’m back on the blogging bandwagon.

After our week in Vegas, Abe and I were ready for a change of pace. We hightailed it out of Sin City and headed toward the most wholesome place on Earth – Disneyland! We spent one week in Anaheim, recovering from the raucous adventure the night before.

Our take on that “Disney Magic”

Abe had never been to Disney before and since we were staying blocks from the park we made it the number one priority for the week. And miraculously we still had enough money left after Vegas to afford the gate entry!

We had a great time exploring the park in the day. We did the Buzz Lightyear ride (a personal favorite) and Abe smoked me with his laser accuracy. They must teach you how to use space lasers in the Navy, because for never having been to Disney he had some real talent there.

We also did some classic rides, like Space Mountain and It’s a Small World After All. I had missed It’s a Small World the first time I went to Disneyland and didn’t realize how old school it was. I can definitely see why that song is infamous now.

After spending the day in the most magical place in America, we ventured over to Hollywood.

The Tater Team with the Giant Idaho Potato Truck was in town! They travel so much that we were bound to ‘ketchup’ with them again!

That Tater Team Ellis and Kaiti, plus the driver Paul, came with Abe and I to a show at The Second City Comedy Club. We were meeting up with Lady Ketchup Kylie, a former Hotdogger from Class XXIV, and her friends.

I had seen a show at The Second City in Chicago with my friend David in May right before starting the job and was really excited to go to another performance. This one was a lot different. It featured Fred Willard (Second City alumni) and it was all Halloween skits, that were scripted. The Second City is known for improv, so that was kind of surprising. Even still, it was a really good performance. Until that week I didn’t even realize that there was more than one location for The Second City!

We went back to Disney later in the week, this time to Downtown Disney. Now clearly I misunderstood – I was hoping to take shots with Buzz and Woody and then do a toast with Mickey Mouse.

I don’t care how ridiculous this photo is. It’s Disney!

Apparently that is NOT what downtown Disney is! None the less, we enjoyed our $15 drinks and the people watching that came with.

Work while we were in Anaheim was pretty fun as well. We went to a Latin Festival, and while it was a long day, there was great entertainment.

That included BMX bike tricks, Abe’s favorite Latin band, and watching a team assemble a 1,500 foot long burrito!

(Yes, it was delicious. I snagged Abe and I two 6″ sections – which is more burrito than anyone really needs.)

We also had a maintenance day in LA, which meant that Abe and I made a make-shift office at Manhattan Beach. Will I ever find a better job than one where I get to walk the beach and hang out on the pier all day?

After Anaheim we made the drive to Phoenix, Arizona. No touristy Tuesday for Phoenix because I was just there for two days before leaving for D.C. and the Marine Corps Marathon. (Big shout out to Abe for packing up all my stuff when I didn’t come back to Phoenix and had to meet him in Albuquerque!)

We are going back to Anaheim next week though and I’m looking forward to making the most of our final time in LA while in the Southwest region with the Wienermobile!