Tri’d Something New This Weekend – Race Recap: Try Cambridge Tri

This weekend I decided to shake things up with my second ever sprint triathlon, the Try Cambridge Tri.


Since moving to Madison I have been inundated with Ironman culture, and all of the biking and open water swimming around town made me a little jealous of the triathlon scene. Midway through the summer I decided it was time to make my debut in the Madison Multisport arena and I signed up for this triathlon with my friend Adam, who I did the Madison Mini Marathon with last weekend.

Going into it, my training was sporadic at best. My “plan” was to get in the pool and on the bike at least once a week. I did a few swims that amounted to a mile or more total, so I figured I would be fine there, and I was able to get a few 20+ mile bike rides in. I wouldn’t say I followed a program by any means. For usually being so structured about training, I was honestly pretty willy-nilly about the whole thing.

I think since I didn’t have a baseline for how to compete in a triathlon or how long it should take I wasn’t too concerned with the whole thing. Go out, have fun, “tri” something new.

The night before the race I did some pretty terrible race prep. Carbs were a bottle of wine enjoyed on a boat and sleep was in short supply.


(Although, to be fair, the sleep was pretty deep because of the wine!)


The race itself was a blast once I finally made it there and got settled in. I really started to get into it when I got my body markings. I swear, there is just something about having race numbers sharpied on your calf and bicep that gets you pumped up.


While waiting for instructions on how the race would kick off I started chatting with Bailey, another 20-something gal who was also doing her first triathlon in years. We were definitely rookies compared to some of the other athletes. Bailey and I both agreed that the guys who showed up in wet suits were just WAY too serious for an 8 minute swim at a triathlon located in the middle of the Madison suburbs. (We may have just been saying that out of jealousy though, let’s be real – those guys looked pretty badass.)

BFF for race day!

BFF for race day!

The swim was in Ripley Park Lake and was prefaced by a stunning sunrise.


Normally I don’t really believe in being at a race before the sun has come up, but I’ll make an exception for this morning!

I hadn’t done any open water swimming leading up to the race and I was admittedly a little worried about that. From my first triathlon in 2011 I remembered open water swimming being chaotic, disorienting, and kind of gross. My wave had a max of maybe 35 people in it though and the swim was a breeze. I veered off course a lot my first triathlon and this time around I found my head bobbing out regularly to check my course. The best part of the swim though – passing Adam. I knew I needed a head start because, as a UW Cyclist, he would pass me in no time on the bike.


T1 (the swim-to-bike transition) went well. I mean, as well as putting socks on wet feet can go.Then the bike ride went a little something like this:

I’m off!

::woosh:: ::woosh::
That’s the sound of people passing me.

HOLY $%!*
Massive hill at mile 3.

“Seeya Goldthorpe!”
Adam screaming past me.

Clocking 25 mph on a downhill.

As everyone does an abrupt 180 at the halfway mark.

HOLY $%!*
Sudden realization that the second half is uphill, into the wind.

::woosh:: ::woosh::
That’s the sound of MORE people passing me.

Going down massive hill from mile 3.

Honestly, 15 miles is the perfect distance for my biking ability right now. Anything more and I probably would have gotten pretty bored/tired. I can already tell if I keep doing triathlons that improving my biking would be a huge help for my time and level of competitiveness at these things.

The 5k run to the finish was interesting. I never run 5ks, so I didn’t have the best pacing strategy. Plus, having legs that felt like bricks and jell-o, simultaneously, made it hard to gauge how fast I was running. I was pleased to see that I was clocking sub 8:30 miles the entire time!

The race ended and I met Adam and his friends and family at the finish, with a personal best! (Gotta love saying that, even if it is because it’s a new event!)


I’m not ready to say I’m totally hooked on or addicted to triathlons yet, but it was a lot of fun! I think I really like how new I am to it – there is definitely a lot I could learn and a ton of room for improvement. Who knows, maybe once I volunteer at Ironman Wisconsin in a few weeks I’ll really get ambitious. I could easily see myself doing a half Ironman within the year though, that’s for sure.



Hell Yeah Race Report: Madison Mini-Marathon

(Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. This is overdue, like most of my blogs. Cut me some slack – I started grad school these last two weeks. Better late than never.)

Spoiler Alert: I PR’d.



Cliff hanger: Wait till you hear by how much!

A few weeks ago I set what I thought were some pretty ambitious half marathon goals. There were two:

1 – To PR.
2 – To break 1:54.

That second goal seemed like a pretty lofty one – it would mean almost a 2.5 minute improvement from my Indy Mini Marathon finish of 1:56:24. When you run lots of races big improvements are hard to come by. It is one thing to drop that much time when you do one race a year, but to improve so much in just three months – it seemed impossible. My PR’s lately have been marginal – 30 seconds here, 45 there. Two and a half minutes seemed simply audacious.

Because of that, leading up to the race I was NERVOUS. Not just nervous, I’m talking anxious, freak-out, butterflies eating up my stomach kind of nervous. It has been awhile, probably since any of my marathons, that I’ve felt that way. I knew I had set some high expectations and was petrified of not meeting them. (Especially since I got all confident and spilled my guts to the blog-o-sphere. Now I HAVE to meet those goals!)

The one thing that calmed me down a bit was knowing that my main goal wasn’t time: it was about fun. I’ve always maintained that the minute you lose the fun, is when it isn’t worth doing anymore. Yes – PR’ing is fun, but getting in a tizzy worrying about it isn’t. So, I tried my best to chill out.


I went to packet pickup with my first friend I made in Madison, Adam. We met at a local running group (I’ll write more about that soon – I promise!) and have been running and biking around Madison since then. {After a 13 miler in his neck of the woods, Cambridge, WI, we went to lunch and saw a sign for a triathlon and we even signed up for that!)

Adam and I scored some sweet (illegal) parking right by Union South for packet pickup. I guess there might be parking somewhere around there, but that seemed like a frustrating place to have the expo. The space was great, but anything involving volumes of people on a college campus is always kind of a headache. Aside from the traffic though, the expo itself was well run. They even had this Class of 2013 banner with all the entrants names on it.


Of course I had to find my name…

Perks of pre-registering!

Perks of pre-registering!

Adam and I parted ways and I headed down to the Mendota Terrace to have a beer with another new friend of Madison, Suzanne. She is friends with one of the Hotdoggers who I drove the Wienermobile with and has gotten me in the gym for lifting sessions and leg day. Friday night was carbo-loading in liquid form though this week.


Race day morning Adam picked me up and we headed to the start line. My butterflies were still floating around my stomach, so I tried to drown them out with a little pump-up music. Didn’t you know… 6 a.m. is the perfect time for Eye of the Tiger and the Rocky theme song!


Thoroughly amped up, I parted ways with Adam, who was running with a friend in another corral, and headed out in search of the 1:50 pace group. I thought this would be a pretty solid game plan. My goal was to stick with them as long as I could, which would keep me pumped up while I was with them. When I finally had to fall back there would just be a few more miles requiring self-motivation left. I was initially pretty worried about this though and had kind of wished there was a 1:55 group that was closer to my own ambitions.


The start line was filled with high-fives, from the other 1:50 hopefuls, to Bucky the Badger as we crossed the start line. I knew it was going to be a good race when he furry paw hit mine (my hand, not my furry paw) and we started the climb up Langdon Street. That’s right, the Madison Mini-Marathon starts with an uphill – so cruel!

We ran up to the Capitol and through the Farmer’s Market. I feel bad for the innocent shoppers who were just trying to pick out their local produce and instead encountered a stampede of local runners. I joked that someone should stop to pick up some cheese curds for us, and was secretly disappointed when no one did.


The next few miles were through campus and around Camp Randall. Although there were water stops along the way, my favorite aid station was around mile 3. The race ran right in front of my friend Matt’s House and he was awesome enough to wake up at 7:00 a.m. to come out and cheer. As an added bonus, he also had these delicious chocolate-covered cranberries for me for some extra energy. I gobbled some of those up and still had lots of extras, but no one in my pace group was as enthusiastic about snacks on the run. (Isn’t the big cliche in running that “I run to eat”?! Cheese curds, chocolate, I guess I’m the only one who gets hungry along the way…)

This guy is a saint!

This guy is a saint!

I stuck with the 1:50 group all the way up until mile 6.5ish. I honestly knew this was when I would lose them. Miles 5-7 were through the UW Arboretum. On the bright side, it was all shaded. (haha.) But, that came at the price of a whole lot of hills. As we passed the half-way mark I lead the people who I was running with in a “YEE-HAW” and I think I got at least 10 others to join me in the rally cry. I love a little spirit!

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 9.24.29 PM

Sticking with the 1:50 group as long as I did, I felt pretty good. I had created a nice buffer for my PR and still had a lot in me. That being said, the last half was when that self-motivation came in. Although the hills petered out, they still continued to speckle the last half of the course. Luckily, my sister and her new husband also came out to cheer me on.


My one other critique of the Madison Mini-Marathon was that there was no Gu provided along the course. This just happened to be the ONE race I didn’t stash one in the good ‘ole sports bra for a just-in-case pick-me-up. I wish I had, because around mile 10 I was starting to fatigue a bit. Thankfully, a fun-spirited bunch was handing out bacon strips right around then.


If you haven’t noticed, my mantra at races is if food is offered, you have to take it! (I AM a run-to-eat gal and am not embarrassed to admit it!)

The last three miles were definitely a challenge, but with a badass PR on the horizon I did my best to finish it strong. Luckily, the spectators the last mile were awesome and the final stretch with Bucky back at the finish were awesome!

I ended up high-fiving Bucky right as I came in and crossed the finish at 1:51:36. ONE FIFTY ONE!!!

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 9.24.34 PM

THAT’S AN ALMOST FIVE MINUTE P.R.! Yeah, I’m more than a little bit excited about it. Looking back, I think it had almost entirely to do with mental commitment, more than physical training. I finally just went out there for a race and didn’t let me own expectations confine my performance. (I think anyway; who knows, maybe I could be running 1:45s all along!)

This medal is also a bottle opener! You know you're running in Wisconsin when....

This medal is also a bottle opener! You know you’re running in Wisconsin when….

Overall – great race, great crowd, amazing experience!

Goals for Getting Faster – Making it Happen!

You know how on The Biggest Loser the contestants just get to work out all of the time? (Ok, maybe “get to” is the wrong word.) Well that is how my summer has been, except that I enjoy 100% of it. Now, I haven’t lost any weight because I’ve offset all my activity with avocados, but I have had an amazing time getting my heart rate up and endorphins flowing!

I run to eat avocado on everything. That and to eat frozen yogurt daily.

I run to eat avocado on everything. That and to eat frozen yogurt daily.

In Madison there is no reason not to be active every day. There are bike paths EVERYWHERE, I am a college student again and have access to a lap pool, and there are tons of opportunities for free workout activities – from yoga to walks in the arboretum.

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 3.41.22 PM

Since I have been on FUNemployment for the last six weeks I’ve decided to stay busy bettering my mind and body as much as possible. As I mentioned, I’ve made the move from strictly running to branching out a little more – including biking, swimming, yoga, and also as of recently – weight lifting.

And let me tell you something – it is paying off, big time.

I am getting stronger.

Just had this mind-blowingly kick ass run today! Maybe it was the pre-run coffee or the tunes, but whatever it was it worked!

Just had this mind-blowingly kick ass run today! Maybe it was the pre-run coffee or the tunes, but whatever it was it worked!

I’m getting faster. 

Best run of my life. I didn't even know this was possible.

Best run of my life. I didn’t even know this was possible.

Oh yeah, and I’m getting tanner: BONUS!

And I love it! I love having helmet hair or smelling faintly of chlorine. I love wanting to cry at the sight of stairs after leg day in the gym. (Ok, OK – I’ve done ONE leg day. I’m far from a regular yet.)

I’ve been noticing that my pace is getting quite a bit faster with running. I am not sure if the cross training is to attribute, or I am pushing myself mentally more. Either way, there are no excuses not to keep it up.

So I’m setting some goals.

Next weekend I am doing the Madison Mini-Marathon. My goal is to PR, which I don’t think should be too difficult given the success of my recent runs. My PR pace right now is 8:49/mi. I’d love to get into the 1:53’s with my half marathon time.

  • Goal #1 is to PR
  • Goal #2 is to break 1:54.

That’s a huge jump from the 1:56ish I ran at the Indy Mini-Marathon in May.

My next goal is for the Quad Cities Marathon in September. The last marathon I ran was the Mississippi Blues Marathon way back in January. (Has it been eight months already?!) but my PR was at the Marine Corps Marathon in October where I ran a 4:13:48 or a pace of 9:40/mi.

  • Goal #1 is to PR
  • Goal #2 is to break 4:10 – or roughly a 9:30 min/mi
  • Goal #3 is to break 4:00????!! (Probably wishful thinking for Quad Cities, but I’m writing it down anyway.)

I think goals 1 & 2 are definitely do-able. Again, it is going to be more mental strength than physical strength that will push me toward achieving any of them. I know I can physically handle it – I just need to not whimp out and psych myself out.

I am anxious to see what my workout life is going to be like when grad school starts (less than two weeks away) but until then it’s two-a-day workouts galore!

What has helped your pace improve?
Have you ever had a surprise kick-ass run?
Do you have any goals for the fall season?

While We’re on the Topic of Transitions


I recently announced my next endeavor, post-packaged meats, pursuing my MBA at the University of Wisconsin. Other things are changing with the move too, and I am done with being just the “runner girl”. Now that I’ve got a place to live and don’t just have hotels to jog around, I’m going to start diversifying. Now, I have decided to flood my friends and family with updates not just about pounding the pavement, but also about swimming AND biking. That’s right – it’s about time to do a triathlon again!

It has been about a month now since I jumped into my first lap pool and things have been going surprisingly well. I mostly used that swim as an excuse to test out that fancy-schmancy Garmin910XT I splurged on at the Indy Mini-Marathon (–LINK–). Sure enough, it’s waterproof and does a great job counting laps. My first workout I did at most 200 yds straight, without stopping. This week – I did my first mile swim! 1,750 yds!

Screen shot 2013-07-14 at 8.01.58 AM

Admittedly, the segway back into swimming has been a lot easier than biking. Mainly, because I don’t have a bike. Instead, I bought a summer pass for the fitness classes at UW and sucked it up to do my first sinology class since undergrad. It was great, but I felt that was a little like cheating so I decided to test out a real bike.

Madison has a program called B-Cycle all over the city, which allows you to rent bikes for short rides and has docking stations all across town. Tonight I gave one a 12 mile test run, riding past the beautiful Lake Monona and through the UW Arboretum. Sure enough, I knew I needed to get on the real deal – my legs were decidedly more jello-esque after an actual ride than after spin class.


I haven’t picked out a triathlon for this fall, so if you have any suggestions – let me know! I am excited to be mixing up my workouts again, not relegated to just running like I had been the last year. Who knows, maybe I’ll become a Yogi too while I’m at it!

Also, if you are on GarminConnect I’d love to connect with you! My username is KGold818