The Goal

My first 5k!I am a certified goal junkie. When I set my mind to something, you can bet that I will follow through and get it done. Throughout college, my goal was graduating debt free and with honors. Now that I’ve achieved that goal, my sights are set on a different type of goal: seeing the country one 5k, triathlon, and marathon at a time!

How did this start? 

For the long story, click here. 

Summer 2011 I came home from a semester “studying abroad domestically” in San Diego, California. In addition to interning at the Hotel del Coronado, I was also playing homemaker and cooked a few too many peanut butter pies and dishes of lasagna! I came home in May more than a couple pounds heavier than when I left! At the University of Missouri they like to call it the Mizzou 22 instead of the Freshmen 15, and I had gained the Mizzou 22 x 2 since starting school!

Inspired by a few rockstar women in my life who had seen exceptional success on their own programs, I joined Weight Watchers. Since beginning in May, I’ve lost almost 55lbs!

I also decided to start running. Having never been a runner, and really detesting even the idea of it, I decided to start small with a program called Couch to 5k. I struggled with Week 1 Day 1, but nine weeks after beginning, I graduated the program and ran my first 5k! After I crossed the finish line, I was already craving more! Read more about my early days here.

Why 50 States? 

Tulsa Route-66 Half Marathon

After I ran a 5k and did my first triathlon, I realized – this is really for me! However, fitness isn’t my only goal – I really would love to travel more! While I’d love to go abroad, I also know that there is so much here in the U.S. that I haven’t seen yet. One of the women I worked with this summer had done her own quest to see all 50 states and that really sparked my interest in seeing everything that my own country has to offer! I also figured that if I had to participate in some kind of race, that I would end up spending some quality time in each state – instead of just driving through!

Why the deadline?

What is a goal if you don’t have to have it done by a certain time?! I set my 25th birthday as my deadline because I think four years is plenty of time to have it done by! Also, I’d like to use 25-30 as my timeframe to see all seven (yes, seven!) continents!


4 thoughts on “The Goal

  1. HI! Glad you found me, and brought me to you! Way to step up the already impressive goal by setting a deadline. I don’t have the funds or time for that, plus 25 is just 3 short weeks away! I look forward to following your journey – and catching up on your path to now.

  2. Hi, my goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states. So far I’ve only checked off four states. I’m 48 and may get to run one or two out-of-state/destination marathons a year. Life gets in the way of running!
    You have a fantastic goal and are off to a great start. Just be careful not to get hurt. It happens to most runners eventually.

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